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Listen to God's Word and let it minister to you.  Allow God to crystallize His truths in your life.  If you are open and receptive to the Word, He will reveal to you clear instruction for your life.  In this blog you will find notes from Pastor Charles W. Johnson, Jr.'s sermons.  Feel free to share your inspiration from the scripture and the lesson.


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History Of Advent
December 2, 2012

One account of the story of the foretelling of our Savior's birth is found in Luke 1:26-38.  Each year we celebrate the Advent season, but do we really know what the means? The word "advent" is defined as "coming" or "arrival."  In our text, Mary received a word of anticipation.  Something supernatural […] [READ MORE]

I Am Too Blessed To Be Stressed
November 25, 2012

We were encouraged through the teaching of Luke 12:22-31: to have confidence in God's character. to have confidence in God's conduct. to have confidence in God's covenant promises. As a result of this confidence, we are to blessed to be stressed!  Regardless of our past We must make the Kingdom of God our priority God will […] [READ MORE]

Thank God for Grace
November 18, 2012

The story of the grateful one, who came back to say thanks to Jesus when all others would not, is the basis for our Thanksgiving season.  The story is told in Luke 17:11-19, where we ask the question: "Why didn't the other nine come back?" Some of them felt entitled. Some of […] [READ MORE]

Living in Lo Debar
November 11, 2012

We take a lesson from Mephibosheth in II Samuel 9:1-7, whose circumstances don't determine his future! In I Samuel 20, David made a covenant with Jonathan. Like David, you can't forget where you came from. There are people who helped you get where you are. Ziba knows who Mephibosheth is, where […] [READ MORE]

Living On the Edge Of Whatever Happens
November 4, 2012

We are encouraged to live a life that is free of cynicism and skepticism in John 2:1-11.  Wine was used to celebrate new beginnings.  You can't celebrate something new with something old.  Your old "stuff" will mess up your new "stuff."The jars that were sitting there were not being used  […] [READ MORE]

Making Ministry Work
October 28, 2012
Matthew 14:13-21 gives explicit instruction on making ministry work when the circumstances dictate otherwise. [READ MORE]

The Mystery of the Mustard Seed
October 21, 2012

Matthew 13:31-32 unveils the kingdom's key to unlocking your blessing! [READ MORE]