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Listen to God's Word and let it minister to you.  Allow God to crystallize His truths in your life.  If you are open and receptive to the Word, He will reveal to you clear instruction for your life.  In this blog you will find notes from Pastor Charles W. Johnson, Jr.'s sermons.  Feel free to share your inspiration from the scripture and the lesson.


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Living On the Edge Of Whatever Happens
November 4, 2012
We are encouraged to live a life that is free of cynicism and skepticism in John 2:1-11.  Wine was used to celebrate new beginnings.  You can't celebrate something new with something old.  Your old "stuff" will mess up your new "stuff."
The jars that were sitting there were not being used.  They were empty, useless.

  • Notice that Mary recognizes Jesus's omnipotence.
  • Notice that the servants were obedient to whatever Jesus required and requested.  We must be willing to take a risk based on the Word of God.
  • Notice there was an opportunity for them to increase their faith.
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