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Listen to God's Word and let it minister to you.  Allow God to crystallize His truths in your life.  If you are open and receptive to the Word, He will reveal to you clear instruction for your life.  In this blog you will find notes from Pastor Charles W. Johnson, Jr.'s sermons.  Feel free to share your inspiration from the scripture and the lesson.


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Living in Lo Debar
November 11, 2012

We take a lesson from Mephibosheth in II Samuel 9:1-7, whose circumstances don't determine his future!

In I Samuel 20, David made a covenant with Jonathan. Like David, you can't forget where you came from. There are people who helped you get where you are. Ziba knows who Mephibosheth is, where he is, and what kind of condition he is in.

Remember that Lo Debar

  • is a lonely place.
  • is a place where people let you down.
  • is a place of loss.

David recognizes his covenant with Jonathan and sends for Mephibosheth.

  • Mephiboseth responds to the king, even though he's unsure what the outcome may be.
  • His response is reverential.
  • He is restored. Not only did he change his circumstances, it was as though he was an adopted child. He was covered by the king!
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