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Listen to God's Word and let it minister to you.  Allow God to crystallize His truths in your life.  If you are open and receptive to the Word, He will reveal to you clear instruction for your life.  In this blog you will find notes from Pastor Charles W. Johnson, Jr.'s sermons.  Feel free to share your inspiration from the scripture and the lesson.


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Thank God for Grace
November 18, 2012
The story of the grateful one, who came back to say thanks to Jesus when all others would not, is the basis for our Thanksgiving season.  The story is told in Luke 17:11-19, where we ask the question: "Why didn't the other nine come back?"
  • Some of them felt entitled.
  • Some of them were embarassed to admit that they had leprosy.
  • Some were anxious to engage in activities that they couldn't do before.

Still, we see grace at work in this story.

  • It is grace that allows them to cry out in their condition.
  • It is grace that allows Jesus to care enough to respond.
  • It is grace that allowed them to be healed as they went.

Let us not be as those who receive a blessing from God and never pause to show their gratitude.  Instead, we should always maintain a posture of thanksgiving, remembering that:

  • Thanksgiving is a choice.
  • Thanksgiving caused this man to come back and give God praise and thanks publically for something God had done privately.
  • Thanksgiving was contingent on his faith through grace.
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