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Listen to God's Word and let it minister to you.  Allow God to crystallize His truths in your life.  If you are open and receptive to the Word, He will reveal to you clear instruction for your life.  In this blog you will find notes from Pastor Charles W. Johnson, Jr.'s sermons.  Feel free to share your inspiration from the scripture and the lesson.


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History Of Advent
December 2, 2012

One account of the story of the foretelling of our Savior's birth is found in Luke 1:26-38.  Each year we celebrate the Advent season, but do we really know what the means?

The word "advent" is defined as "coming" or "arrival."  In our text, Mary received a word of anticipation.  Something supernatural was going to happen in her life.

  • The advent required some preparation.
  • The advent was prophesied.
  • The advent came at the proper time.

We can rejoice in the advent season because God's timing

  • is important!
  • is impeccable, meaning it is incapable of being wrong; faultless; flawless; perfect!
  • is impactful! 
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